BQK Tax Flash – changes to Payroll Tax Exemption

Our June 2016 Newsletter included an article called “Looking for a way to reduce Payroll Tax?”

This article explained that for each eligible employee who undertakes a Traineeship (as defined), your business could potentially exclude that employee’s wage from WA Payroll Tax (5.5%).

Late last week the State Government announced changes to this exemption.

The Government will introduce a Bill into Parliament in 2018 to limit the payroll tax exemption to new employees with annual wages of $100,000 or less. The bill, when passed, will have effect from 1 December 2017.

New employees are defined as an employee that has been continuously employed for less than 3 months full-time or less than 12 months casual or part-time, or a combination of both.

To find out more about the new eligibility requirements and how they may affect you, please click this link

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