Xero, MYOB Bookkeeping & Cloud Based Accounting in Canning Vale

Cloud based accounting platforms are quickly becoming the software of choice for many Perth businesses. The ability to use cloud based software, including MYOB and Xero bookkeeping programs, from any device with an internet connection means small business owners and their accountants are able to see real time financial information in a flexible, streamlined and cost effective manner.

The team at Brealey Quill Kenny can assist with cloud based accounting software selection in Canning Vale and, more importantly, provide timely advice regarding BAS preparation, taxation planning and general business strategy.

What is cloud based accounting?

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Traditionally, a business would run programs from applications and software downloaded on to their computer or server in their building. But this is changing. Cloud computing allows people the same access, but through the internet.

A web-based application or software refers to any program that is accessed over a network, rather than existing within a device’s memory, including MYOB and Xero bookkeeping software.

In the simplest terms, “cloud computing” means storing and accessing data, applications and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. “The cloud” is just a metaphor for the Internet.

Why are businesses moving to cloud based accounting?

Flexibility – provides your business with the ability to up-scale capacity when required, or down-scale if necessary.
Automatic software updates – no need to maintain software systems internally.
Lower capital expenditure – the high cost of computer hardware is reduced significantly with subscription based models that are far easier to manage.
Security – with your data stored in the cloud, you can access it no matter what happens to your lap top or PC.
Access from anywhere – if you have an internet connection, you have access.
Disaster recovery – take advantage of cloud based back-up and recovery solutions.

In today’s environment, business owners are looking for bookkeeping and accounting systems that are efficient, information that is relevant and improved methods of communication with their team and advisors.

Cloud based accounting software, including Xero and MYOB will assist most businesses with achieving these goals. Please contact the Xero accountants at Brealey Quill Kenny if you would like to discuss cloud based accounting options for your business.

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