Mandatory Contact Tracing for WA Businesses

A broad range of WA businesses will need to comply with mandatory contact tracing requirements as part of the latest COVID-19 control measures.

The Western Australian Government has announced that from December 5, certain businesses will need to maintain a contact registration system to keep a record of their customers.

The Government has launched the SafeWA app, which utilises QR codes, to help businesses register patrons.

Businesses will also be able to use a manual pen and paper register.

The types of businesses and venues which will be required to maintain a government contact register include:

  • Food and licenced venues (restaurants, caf├ęs, bars, pubs, taverns, nightclubs)
  • Gyms, indoor sporting centres and pools;
  • Places of worship and funeral parlours;
  • Beauty and personal care services including hairdressers and barbers;
  • Galleries and museums;
  • Cinemas, theatres and other entertainment venues;
  • Auction houses and real estate inspections;
  • Community facilities, libraries and halls;
  • Zoos and amusement parks;
  • Function centres;
  • Accommodation facilities that already have check-in arrangements in place (hostels, hotels, large campgrounds).

Businesses face fines of up to $250,000 for non-compliance.

For more information, head to to download the Contact Register Toolkit.

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