JobKeeper update: New Enrolments

The ATO has extended the enrolment period for employers who are first enrolling in the JobKeeper scheme from June 2020 onwards.

The deadline for enrolments for the month of June 2020 and later months will now be the end of the month in which the employer’s entitlement to the scheme arises. For example, if an employer’s entitlement for the JobKeeper scheme arises in June 2020, the employer now has until 30 June 2020 to complete the JobKeeper enrolment.

Prior to this amendment, an employer was required to enrol for JobKeeper by the end of the first JobKeeper fortnight in which entitlement arose.

If you have any queries regarding the JobKeeper enrolment, please contact Brealey Quill Kenny, Canning Vale on 9256 2777 or by email,


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