JobKeeper Monthly Reporting & Eligibility – Important Reminders

Important reminders for our clients in relation to JobKeeper Monthly Reporting & Eligibility:

      1. For those clients who are already enrolled, to receive your JobKeeper payment for May you must make a monthly declaration by 14 June. The same applies for following months, so the June declaration must be completed by 14 July. This is best completed via the Business Portal. Please refer to our blog on how to set this up
      2. Also for those clients who are already enrolled, please note you do not need to retest your eligibility for JobKeeper. Once you are eligible you remain eligible and do not need to keep testing turnover in following months. However, you will have ongoing monthly reporting requirements as noted in point 1.
      3. Finally for clients who are yet to be eligible for JobKeeper please continue to monitor your Business Turnover as you may become eligible at a later date. This would mean you could receive JobKeeper for the month following your decline in turnover until the JobKeeper scheme ends.

Please do not hesitate to call Brealey Quill Kenny should you have any questions in relation to the above on 9256 2777.

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