Brealey Quill Kenny discuss the recent ASIC Business name scam

ASIC have recently issued a statement warning of an email scam which pretends to be from ASIC regarding the intent to cancel your business name.

The emails often provide a link with a fake invoice and payment details which can infect your computer with malware.

Warning signs that the email may be a scam include:
– request to make payment over the phone
– request to make a payment to receive a refund
– request to provide credit card details directly by email or phone

Be wary of emails that do not address you by name, include details of the actual business name, misspell your details or have unknown attachments.

If you are unsure whether the email is a legitimate request from ASIC please contact Brealey Quill Kenny directly for clarification by telephone, 9256 2777 or email

Further information can be found via the ASIC website by clicking this link click here


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