Is Luck Important?

Luck is something that we all talk about. Is it important in a business situation?  Many people believe it depends on your attitude.

One of the ways you can improve your “luck position” is to persevere. Keep yourself and your business open for opportunities.  There’s no doubt that timing plays a big part in business “luck”.  Sometimes, there can be a silver lining from missed opportunities.  Many people who have been “lucky” claim that their persistence – rejection after rejection – played a significant part in their ultimate business success.

Another strategy is to stay “in the loop”, looking for opportunities, making sure people know that you’re there. This way, you’re open for chance encounters with people who can influence your business (eg investors, customers, advocates).

Research has shown that people who “think lucky” tend to be more successful. You also need to respect your intuition.  Not every perceived “lucky deal” will turn out to be successful.  Be wary of high-risk, unbelievable stories.

One of the key strategies to improve your “luck” is to get other people to join you in thinking that an idea you’ve developed is a great idea. It’s hard to turn a good idea into a business success if you’re the only person advocating it.

Good luck in your business endeavours.

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