Leadership Is Critical For Culture

Culture affects everything about the business.  A leader has a significant impact on the culture within the business.

Leadership is the way that leaders influence team members towards the achievement of an organisation’s goals.  Leadership can neither be performed by one person nor in isolation.  Leadership is about telling people:

  • why they’re doing certain things;
  • what needs to be done to achieve results;
  • where are we going;
  • who are we;
  • what is the business trying to achieve;
  • what is the business good at;
  • what is happening in the marketplace;
  • is the business reacting to what is happening in the marketplace;
  • what is the identity of the business; and
  • what does this business mean to customers, team members and the wider community?

The leader’s role is to encourage the entire team to work together to understand the goals and visions and how those goals are going to be achieved.  This will require effective delegation to have been introduced throughout the organisation.  The leader doesn’t have to do everything.  However, it’s important that the leader sets the agenda and parameters of the culture for the organisation.

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