Government Grants For SMEs

Industry Skills Fund Available To All Industries

Whilst the Industry Skills Fund identifies “priority industries”, this doesn’t mean that applicants who don’t fall within the “priority industries” are not able to apply.  Other businesses are able to apply, however, they will need to clearly show in their application that they have significant growth potential and are preparing to re-position themselves to take advantage of economic opportunities.

From January 2015, the Industry Skills Fund is targeting to deliver 200,000 training places and training support services over a four-year period.  The fund primarily targets small/medium enterprises, including microbusinesses (0-4 full-time equivalent employees), which plan to upskill and re-skill their workforces to better position themselves for growth opportunities.  If this is what you’re planning to do, there is some attractive support available if:

  • you’re a solvent Australian enterprise that is non-tax exempt and incorporated as a company or as a trust with a trustee that is non-tax exempt and incorporated as a company;
  • you have an Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • you’re registered for GST; and
  • you have operated in Australia and filed Business Activity Statements (BAS) showing ongoing trading for at least three consecutive years.

Funding support depends on how many full-time equivalent (FTE) employees businesses have.  The funding supports:

  • Microbusinesses (0-4 FTE employees) – 75%
  • Small Businesses (5-19 FTE employees) – 66%
  • Medium Businesses (20-199 FTE employees) – 50%
  • Large Businesses (200+ FTE employees) – 25%

In the first instance, businesses need to apply to a skills adviser contracted by the government.  We’re able to supply you with details of skills advisers to assist you in the application process.  Visit and complete the Industry Skills Fund enquiry form.


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