Rottnest Swim by Mark Murphy

Over the past 12 months, Mark has knocked a few things off his bucket list, both of which have been there for over 10 years. One has been there for over 20.

After achieving a 10 year goal in April 2014 when he and his wife ascended to the lofty Himalayan peaks of the Gokyo Lakes region, Mt Everest Base Camp and Kalar Pattar – to an altitude of 5545m, Mark followed up with his first solo swim of the Rottnest Channel in February this year. In a time of 6hrs 37 minutes in what could be described as terrible conditions, Mark became the second person of our staff to achieve the feat after Brad Hitchcock successful crossing last year.

Not content with one crossing, 5 weeks later on 28 March 2015, both Mark and Brad swam the Rottnest Channel again. In much more swim friendly conditions the guys recorded a very creditable, 5hrs 33 minutes for the 20Km crossing.

What is next…”a bit of a rest for a while and I will take my photo off the fridge, as my family will see me around the house a lot more” says Mark.

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