Achieving High Performance Selling

Selling is about finding out what people want, why they want it and talking to them about how you and your company can help them get it…this is the supreme law of selling.

To be outstandingly successful in business, you must first have a “great idea”. Then you have to turn that idea into an outstanding product or service and then you have to be very, very good at marketing and sales.

Businesses need to develop a “sales factor”. The “sales factor” is a “string of ideas”, just like puppet strings. Once you know how to pull on each, you can make the marketplace move to any melody you want, such as more sales, more clients and a vastly improved lifestyle. The “sales factor” is a combination of knowledge, attitude, skill and habits, driven by acceptance that a very high priority in business is the sales and marketing of a business.

It’s not the solving of people’s problems and making them happy that’s at stake – it’s the “sales and marketing” of solving people’s problems and making them happier that’s important.

Another way of saying the same thing – if you don’t “sell your business” to potential clients – then you won’t get a chance to sell your products or services to potential clients.

This is why the art and science of professional selling are both critical to a business’ ongoing success.

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