Characteristics Of A Well Run Business


To run an outstanding business, it’s necessary to produce written procedures for all activities of the business – from the opening of the front door at the beginning of the day’s activities, through to the closing of the door at the end of the day’s business activities.

The procedure manual should establish procedures by which the business is going to abide

·         telephone calls
·         meetings
·         telephone messages
·         productivity of staff
·         emails sent
·         payroll records
·         received emails
·         work care
·         correspondence
·         research and development
·         stock ordering
·         government grants for which the business might be eligible
·         receipt of stock
·         updating or preparation of the business plan
·         stock takes
·         budgets and cashflow forecasts
·         cash control
·         planning for the launch of new products
·         electronic banking
·         planning for marketing and professional selling activities
·         management planning
·         staff training and professional development

Planning will give the business an excellent foundation, not only to plan the future, but to compare actual progress to what was originally targeted.

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