Digital Disruption – Strategies To Minimise Effects

Two years ago, Deloitte Chartered Accountants (one of the Australian Big 4 firms) produced a report, ‘Digital disruption – short-fuse, big bang?’

Deloitte has recently updated that report and has identified that 17 industries, comprising 65% of the Australian economy, will face significant disruption by 2017.  Deloitte grouped the industries into the following categories:

Short-fuse, big bang

·         Retail Trade
·         Arts and Recreation
·         ICT and Media
·         Finance
·         Business and Professional Services
·         Real Estate
·         Construction

Short-fuse, small bang

·         Accommodation and Food Services
·         Wholesale Trade
·         Construction

Long-fuse, small bang

·         Manufacturing
·         Mining

Long-fuse, big bang

·         Education
·         Agriculture
·         Government Services
·         Health
·         Transport

Whist each of these industries have different characteristics and different time frames, Deloitte suggested that, to minimise threats posed by ‘digital disruption’ and to maximise an organisation’s ‘digital potential’, it’s all about ensuring businesses are ‘digital survivors’.  Deloitte’s suggestions included:

·         Recalibrating cost structures.
·         Replenishing revenue streams.
·         Reshaping corporate strategies.

‘Digital transformation’ is a journey of continuous improvement.  To survive and prosper during these challenging times, businesses need to “put customers at the centre of their experience and then balance competing interests and elements – whether people, platforms or planning.” – Deloitte

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