Developing Leadership ‘People Skills’

The high cost of replacing staff is well known, as is the evidence that the majority of people leave their jobs, not because of the type of work they’re required to do, but because of poor relationships with their managers.  The managers might ensure the processes, procedures and systems are done right, but have little idea about the right approach to take in leading people.  Skill and genuineness in dealing with people is the key to effective leadership.  Whilst it’s vital to gain the respect of your team, it’s not necessary to try to be popular.  The key points are:

  • Involve team members in determining shared behaviours to be agreed and followed by all and endorse support and practice those which you agree.
  • Attitude influences behaviour, so ensure your attitude and behaviours reflect those you wish others to adopt – be genuine and set the example.
  • Everybody is different, so adjust your leadership style with individuals as they develop in confidence and commitment.
  • Practice good leadership continually to foster the development of strong relationships and mutual trust.
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