Brealey Quill Kenny Perth Accountants Trading Names recorded on the Australian Business Register (ABR)

The Australian Business Register are currently emailing clients who have a trading name linked to their ABN details.

Prior to May 2012, trading names were collected and could be recorded manually on the Australian Business Register, ABN Lookup.

ASIC have introduced a new national business names register replacing state and territory registers and now manage all business name registrations. ASIC use the ABN details of the business name owner to link the business name details through to the Australian Business Register.

From November 2018, if your trading name has not been registered with ASIC it will be removed from the Australian Business Register. You may need to register the trading name as a business name with ASIC on the national business names register.

You can check if your trading name is registered by visiting the ASIC website and completing a business name search.

Why doesn’t my business name appear on the ABN Lookup?

Business names registered prior to May 2012 may not be linked with your entities ABN. Should you currently have a registered business name you can update the ABN details via the ASIC online service, ASIC Connect. You will need to register for an ASIC Connect Account and follow the steps prior to updating the ABN details.

How do I register for a Business Name?

If your business does not operate under its own entity name (eg. ABC Pty Ltd) or your name (eg. Jane Smith), or after completing an ASIC business name search the name is not showing, you will need a registered business name.

To apply for a registered business name you may contact our office for assistance or apply online through the ASIC online services, ASIC Connect.

Should you have any queries with the above please do not hesitate to contact Brealey Quill Kenny Accountants.

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